You deserve the RIGHT support

20 years after I stopped volunteering as a campus Emergency First Responder, I was in a meeting with a Police Officer and his radio went off. The dead air on his radio was the same as the dead air that always used to come before the tone that would call me out of sleep, or from whatever I was doing, to respond to a medical emergency on campus. I volunteered up to 40 hours per week for 4 years. And 20 years later, without a thought of it in my head, in a completely different setting, before it even registered that I had heard the sound of dead air on a radio, I leapt out of my seat and moved to grab my backpack - the First Responder backpack I had carried, containing Oxygen, Epinephrin, etc., which of course wasn't there. I had some explaining to do in that meeting! 

Fast forward many more years and I find myself working as a child and family therapist and some of the families I see have a parent who is a First Responder. I GET why families have problems, and I GET why First Responder families have problems. Because if my nervous system has been so deeply imprinted by my amateur adventures in Emergency First Response that 20 years later I am still slave to that dead air, then I can only imagine what is going on for you. 

The work you do sets you up for being triggered. And for many of us, having kids is triggering! Your work likely makes it harder for you to be the kind of partner and parent that creates the conditions for your family to thrive and your children to reach their full potential. But making the choice to serve your community in such a profound way should not mean that you and your family can't thrive.

You and your family have unique challenges because of your profession, and I want to offer you unique solutions. That's why I have developed a survey that I hope you will complete, and pass on to your family members and colleagues. It will let me know how to tailor supports to you and your family. 

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