About Us

When children have healthy, working attachment relationships, they are freed to explore and develop to their full potential. There are many forces today that interfere with our ability as parents to cultivate and maintain these fragile relationships with our children. Attuned Families is here to help cut through the confusion and deliver simple information and strategies to help families strengthen their connections - the connections that protect children from the adversities they face in life; the connections that make parenting rewarding instead of cumbersome.

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Julia Swaigen MSW, RSW

Founder, Director

Julia Swaigen has 15 years of rewarding experience working with children, families and schools to address a wide range of difficulties. She is also currently parenting her own two children and understands, first hand, the complex challenges parents and children face. Her passion is to empower grown-ups to create the conditions necessary for children to reach their full potential, and to help children see that potential in themselves.

Julia Swaigen 


Social Worker  


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Our Strategy

Often parents are educated about their children's needs, and given a toolkit. The problem is that our own history, stresses, and circumstances, act as barriers to accessing that toolkit. Attuned Families is here to help identify and clear barriers, increase your resilience as a parent and empower you to develop the relationship you want to have with your children. This enables you to implement the research based strategies we provide to help create family harmony, as well as the conditions for your children to reach their full potential. Our approach to direct work with children is playful, strengths-based and collaborative.

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